From Quinn Batson at offoffoff.com: 

"Jean Freebury, Minna Liimatainen and Jessica Weiss share the same rolling, fluid qualities as Orthwein and form a substantial group of four, in Mirage. More interplay between Hopkins' live performance and recorded music helps create the effect of the title. Shifting combinations of dancers do the same, as three face one, two v. two, one v. one, or all four unite, with invisible transitions. Though much of the movement is soft and delicate, the dancers have a solid quality that sets off the softness well. ... There is so much to like in this mirage."

Vanishing Point 

From Quinn Batson at offoffoff.com:

"...it is immediately compelling. Subtle rolling motions animate her body or emanate from it; the confusion of the two is captivating. Her presence and clarity could probably carry this solo in silence, but Cynthia Hopkins' soundtrack is integral and intriguing, mixing live accordion with recorded narrations and simple music snippets. Hopkins' voiceover description of Orthwein's movements is clever, concise and even funny, but the effect in real time is more poetic or magic. Vanishing Point is an excellent title for this strong solo."


From Quinn Batson at offoffoff.com: 

"The trio of Orthwein, Jean Freebury and Derry Swan are more like organic material than human beings..."

"The shifting mixture of imagery and pacing keeps things dynamic, perhaps mirroring both the uncertainty and the inevitability of natural progression." 

Dissolving Anchor

From Sarah Carlson at offoffoff.com: 

"With original music, video projection and text, the piece takes a more complex approach, weaving its media into a fabric of wistful nostalgia."

"...Orthwein is... compelling to watch as she sings, glides and floats...."

"...moments of depth and beauty that resonate."


From Quinn Batson at offoffoff.com: 

"Orthwein's Overexposed solo is really dynamic and successful, and original music by Matthew Applebaum makes this piece even better. Orthwein attacks this piece and gives it passion. She shows vulnerability, generosity and struggle and holds nothing back." 

Negotiating Passage

From Quinn Batson at offoffoff.com

"...a strong duet of contact and counterpoint, unison and contrast, which showcases the best of both Hayes and Orthwein."

"They dance as two sides of one person or soul mates who separate and reunite. They move through space with quick and powerful synchronicity..."

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